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Common Program Requirements

The ACGME Common Program Requirements are in place to ensure that ACGME-accredited specialty and subspecialty programs follow a basic set of standards (requirements) in training and preparing resident and fellow physicians.

These requirements set the context within clinical learning environments for development of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to take personal responsibility for the individual care of patients. In addition, they facilitate an environment where residents and fellows can interact with patients under the guidance and supervision of qualified faculty members who give value, context, and meaning to those interactions.

Common Program Requirements Currently in Effect

Common Program Requirements
One-Year Common Program Requirements


Common Program Requirement FAQs

Common Program Requirements: Under Revision

The 45-day Review and Comment period for proposed revisions to Section VI of the Common Program Requirements has ended.

The ACGME thanks the GME community and the public for their feedback and participation in this critical phase of the requirements revision process. The Task Force will reconvene shortly, and all comments submitted following the required process during the 45-day public comment period will be considered when preparing the final proposed requirements for review by the ACGME Board of Directors in February 2017. If approved, the new/revised requirements (Section VI only) will be shared with the graduate medical education community, with an effective date targeted for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Read a summary of proposed changes to Section VI of the Common Program Requirements

The ACGME began its scheduled review of the Common Program Requirements in the fall of 2015. A second task force has been convened to assess and propose revisions to Sections I-V of the ACGME Common Program Requirements. Details on that process will be publicized as they develop, including a period of public comment for review of proposed new or revised requirements in those sections.

Specialty  Type of Revision Requirements /
Impact Statement
Comment Submission Deadline for Comments Status
Common Program Requirements
Type of Revision
Requirements /
Impact Statement
Background and Intent
Program Requirements
Impact Statement
Comment Submission
Comment period has ended.
Deadline for Comments
Dec 19, 2016
Closed for Comment/Awaiting Board Approval
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