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The ACGME Common Program Requirements are in place to ensure that ACGME-accredited specialty and subspecialty programs follow a basic, consistent set of standards in training and preparing resident and fellow physicians.

The requirements set the context within clinical learning environments for development of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to take personal responsibility for the individual care of patients. In addition, they facilitate an environment where residents and fellows can interact with patients under the guidance and supervision of qualified faculty members who give value, context, and meaning to those interactions.

Review and Comment

The Common Program Requirements Phase 2 Task Force was formed to undertake a major revision of Sections I-V of the ACGME Common Program Requirements. Through this process, the Task Force determined that a separate set of Common Program Requirements should be created for fellowships; the new document entitled Common Program Requirements (Fellowship) will take the place of the One-Year Common Program Requirements that are currently in effect, and will be applicable to all ACGME-accredited fellowship programs, regardless of length. Section VI of the Common Program Requirements (effective July 1, 2017) will be incorporated following final approval of Sections I-V. More information about the rationale for this new document is included in the Impact Statement (Fellowship) below.

During the review and comment period, the ACGME welcomes comments regarding both the Common Program Requirements (Residency) and the Common Program Requirements (Fellowship). All comments must be submitted using one form; please follow the instructions (in the Common Program Requirements Review and Comment Form below) for indicating which version you are referencing with each comment. Comments submitted in another format will not be accepted.

Note that Section VI of the Common Program Requirements is not open for comment at this time.

Major revision of the Common Program Requirements Sections I-V
Common Program Requirements (Residency)

Common Program Requirements (Fellowship)
Impact Statement (Residency)

Impact Statement (Fellowship)
Comment period has ended.
Closed for Comment/Awaiting Board Approval
Phase 2 Task Force
  • Stanley W. Ashley, MD, Co-Chair
    General Surgery
  • George A. Keepers, MD, Co-Chair
  • Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP, Vice Chair
    Chief Executive Officer, ACGME
  • Jessica L. Bienstock, MD
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Christian Cable, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Robert Cain, DO
    Internal Medicine
  • David A. Forstein, DO
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Robert Gaiser, MD
  • Thomas Hansen, MD
    Family Medicine
  • Lynne M. Kirk MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Jo Ellen Linder, MD
    Emergency Medicine
  • Kathryn Nevel, MD
    Resident Member
  • Karen Nichols, DO
    Internal Medicine
  • Lawrence M. Opas, MD
  • Kristy Rialon, MD
    Resident Member
  • Steven C. Stain, MD
    General Surgery
  • Leonard Stallings, MD
    Resident Member
    Emergency Medicine
  • Claudia Wyatt-Johnson
    Public Member
Vice President, Accreditation Standards
Kathy Malloy
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