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Physician Well-Being

The ACGME is committed to addressing physician well-being for individuals and as it relates to the clinical learning environment. The creation of a learning environment with a culture of respect and accountability for physician well-being is crucial to the ability of those working in it to deliver the safest, best possible care to patients. The ACGME is focusing on five key areas to support its ongoing commitment to physician well-being: Resources, Education, Influence, Research, and Collaboration.

Read CEO Thomas J. Nasca’s recent Letter to the Community

We need to protect the workforce that protects our patients.
Tim Brigham, MDiv, PhD
     Senior Vice President, Education
Read more An Interview with Dr. Brigham about the ACGME’s commitment to improving physician well-being.

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ACGME Webinar

Combating Burnout, Promoting Physician Well-being: Building Blocks for a Healthy Learning Environment in GME

Presented July 13, 2016

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