ACGME Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

What Programs Need To Do

What do programs need to do?

In preparation for the Resident Survey, ALL PROGRAMS should comply with #1 below.

  1. Check the listing of your residents in the Accreditation Data System (ADS). Please make sure:
    • all are listed in ADS.
    • all are listed with their correct statues (active full time, etc.) - no unconfirmed residents
    • all their birth dates and first and last names are entered correctly.

When your program is required to complete the survey, the ACGME will notify you directly. Your notification will include detailed instructions, including how residents and fellows should log in to the survey and a completion date deadline. To comply with this requirement, please do the following.

  1. Inform your residents about the survey. Please tell them:
    • they will need to login to the ACGME Survey using these specific instructions below:
      • Close all running applications
      • Open a new internet connection with a browser like Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.
      • In the internet address bar, type and press Enter.
    • they will use the program’s 10-digit number as their initial User ID.
    • their initial password will be their DOB, plus the last 2 characters of their last name. For example, the password for Dr. Mary Jones, born 03/14/1979, would be: 03141979es.
    • surveys need to be completed by the completion date given in your notification. Residents/Fellows will have approximately 5 weeks to complete the survey.
    • they may make changes (additions or corrections) to the survey anytime prior to the completion date. After this due date, access to the survey will be denied.
    • all responses will remain confidential. No individual data will ever be shared with the program.
    • in order to protect their data, residents will be required to change their initial user id and password.

  1. Monitor your residents’ compliance with the survey.
    • Check the percentage of your residents that have completed the survey. After logging into ADS, you will see a “Resident Survey” menu on your Overview tab. This menu will list your current compliance and have a “View” button to allow you to access a list of residents who have not yet completed the survey, making it easier to obtain the required response rate. A 70% response rate is required for programs with 4 or more residents/fellows; programs with fewer than 4 residents should obtain a 100% response.

  2. Review your Resident Survey Aggregate Report
    • You may access the Aggregate Report for this and previous year administrations of the Resident Survey under the “Reports” tab in ADS by selecting the “Surveys” option.
    • Assuming that at least 70% of your residents/fellows have completed the survey and that your program has at least 4 residents/fellows responding, summary reports for your program will be available annually through ADS. For programs with less than 4 residents/fellows who meet the 70% compliance rate, reports will only be available on an aggregated basis after at least 3 years of survey reporting has taken place.
    • Only summary data are displayed; no individual data are available. If less than 70% of your residents/fellows complete the survey, data from your program will not be available.

Please note that programs are NOT required to send the Resident Survey report to site visitors, nor to the Review Committee.