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Kristy Rialon, MD

Dr. Kristy Rialon is an assistant professor in pediatric surgery at Texas Children's Hospital. A native of California, she obtained her undergraduate degree in biochemistry, magna cum laude, from Rice University, and her medical degree from Harvard Medical School. She then completed a residency in general surgery at Duke University Medical Center. As a resident, Dr. Rialon was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society and granted a National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award. She was a pediatric surgery fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Dr. Rialon was the resident representative for the ACGME Review Committee for Surgery from 2015-2017. She currently chairs the ACGME Council of Review Committee Residents. She also served on the ACGME's Sponsoring Institution 2025 Task Force and the Common Program Requirements Phase 2 Task Force.

Dr. Rialon's clinical interests are in the management and treatment of children with vascular anomalies, hematologic and oncologic diseases, and inflammatory bowel disease. She is dedicated to improving medical student and resident education.

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