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Betty Chang, MD, PhD, FACCP, FACP

Dr. Betty Chang is a Professor of Internal Medicine at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She completed her medical education at McGill University Faculty of Medicine, residency at Evanston Northwestern Hospital, and fellowship training at Johns Hopkins University. While at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Chang completed a PhD in Clinical Study Design at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Clinically, she is a pulmonary and critical care physician, who specializes in rheumatologic lung diseases.

Since being in New Mexico, Dr. Chang has served as a program director for internal medicine and as the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and designated institutional official (DIO). As DIO, Dr. Chang worked with rural communities on institutional accreditation and rural residencies. Currently, she is the Executive Vice Chair for Internal Medicine, and the Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Inpatient Services. Additionally, Dr. Chang has consulted regarding ACGME-I accreditation in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

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