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The ACGME permits the use of the materials provided on this website for educational purposes in accordance with the Terms of Use and this Usage Policy. You may use ACGME materials for your educational, non-commercial purposes only. Without a license, you may make a reasonable number of copies of ACGME materials provided you maintain the copyright or other proprietary notices and disclaimers on any copies and/or you may provide a link from your website to the ACGME website where such materials are located. Please contact if you would like to use the ACGME logo in conjunction with the link.

To reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publically display, publically perform, or republish any ACGME materials, please contact to request a License Agreement. In your e-mail, please include the following information:

  • Your name, title, and institution affiliation, if any;
  • Your contact information;
  • The name of the ACGME materials you wish to license;
  • The name of the publication, presentation, or other medium in which you wish to use the ACGME materials; and,
  • Other information relevant to your request.

Licenses are regularly granted for the use of ACGME materials.

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