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ACGME Symposium on Physician Well-Being

In support of its commitment to fostering and promoting physician well-being, the ACGME hosted its first Symposium on Physician Well-Being in 2015 to stimulate a national conversation on how to foster and nurture physician well-being; to increase awareness of the crisis of burnout, depression, and suicide by residents, fellows, faculty members, and others; and to influence aspects of medical culture to positively impact the clinical learning environment. The symposium brought together stakeholders from inside and outside the medical continuum who are dedicated to creating a learning environment with a culture of respect and accountability for physician well-being so those working in it can deliver the safest, best possible care to patients.

2017 Symposium

The 2017 symposium, themed Connectedness and Inclusion, expanded efforts to focus on building community by enhancing connection and providing a roadmap for both continuity and sustainability. Held November 29-30, 2017 at the ACGME Offices, the event brought together more than 150 people, including Board members, administration and other staff members, health care professionals and leaders, specialty group representatives, friends and family of physicians, and others with a passion for improving graduate medical education (GME) and physician well-being. During the two-day event:

  • Recent achievements at the level of state medical boards in physician well-being were highlighted and participants shared their own successes in well-being initiatives.
  • In an interactive session, participants explored the science of connectivity and its importance to well-being.
  • Attendees explored how organization change principles and strategies can be applied to create and sustain programs to support well-being, and how these strategies can be applied at all levels of complexity in organizations as small as a single program to large health care systems; among other sessions.


Presentations (November 2017)

Symposium Brochures and Abstracts (November 2017)

Posters (November 2017)


Full-length versions of videos from the symposium are available in the ACGME’s Bridge learning management system (LMS). The Bridge LMS provides a robust and flexible platform for video and learning resources and a secure and accessible delivery mechanism for members of the GME community. Click here to access the ACGME’s Bridge LMS portal and create a user account, then go to the Learning Library to access the Physician Well-Being Symposium Program and videos. Note that use of the ACGME’s Bridge LMS is limited to the GME community.

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If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741

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