e-Communication - January 9, 2023

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Job Board Postings, Exhibits, and Sponsorships

Submit postings for the conference's online job board by February 10, 2023. (Conference attendance is not required to submit a job listing.)

Opportunities for exhibits and sponsorships are also available, but going fast! Review the 2023 Exhibitor Prospectus and reserve a booth or sponsorship.

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NEW! Resident/Fellow and Faculty Survey Update

The reporting period for the ACGME’s annual surveys will open on February 13, 2023. As with last year’s survey cycle, the reporting period will run for eight weeks. As the survey results are valued by programs and institutions for their continuous quality improvement efforts, further extension of the survey window could delay release of program and comparison data. The ACGME anticipates that programs will still receive their reports in early May.

The process for informing programs, faculty members, and residents/fellows of survey windows will remain unchanged from previous years. Beginning with the 2024 surveys, however, the ACGME plans to update this process and alert individuals directly about the availability of the surveys and their requested participation and deadlines. This change will be made as part of the ACGME’s overall efforts toward reducing the administrative burden on designated institutional officials, program directors, and coordinators.

CLOSES FRIDAY! Milestones Reporting Window

The mid-year reporting window closes Friday, January 13, 2023. Milestones assessments can be submitted via the Accreditation Data System (ADS) at any point during this timeframe. A list of specialties that have transitioned or will soon transition to Milestones 2.0 can be found in the Milestones section of the ACGME website.

Email content questions to milestones@acgme.org. Email technical questions to ADS@acgme.org.

NEW! Submit CLER Blackout Dates by January 26

The window for submitting CLER visit blackout dates is open now through January 26, 2023 for blocking off dates in the period highlighted below. Sponsoring Institutions can submit up to four blackout weeks during this period.

Upcoming Windows for Entering Blackout Weeks

  • January 1-26: Submit requests for April-June 2023
  • April 1-26: Submit requests for July-September 2023
  • July 1-26: Submit requests for October-December 2023
  • October 1-26: Submit requests for January-March 2024

To enter blackout dates in ADS, click here. Review more information and common questions/answers regarding CLER blackout weeks here.

Email questions to CLER@acgme.org.

DEADLINE WEDNESDAY! Review and Comment

The following Program Requirements and accompanying Impact Statements are posted for review and comment here:

JANUARY 11, 2023
Brain Injury Medicine

NEW! JGME Articles of the Week

The Case for Core Competency and Competent Corps: Using Polarity Management to Illuminate Tensions in Training 
Chris Merritt, MD, MPH, MHPE; Martin Pusic, MD, MA, PhD; Margaret Wolff, MD, MHPE; Stephen J. Cico, MD, MEd; Sally A. Santen, MD, PhD
In this Perspectives article, the authors offer a “both/and” solution to the question, “How are we to envision a training model in which competency is broadly distributed, and yet the necessary mastery is available in the moment of need?”

The articles below approach the topic of US residency application costs from different angles:

Do Lower Costs for Applicants Come at the Expense of Program Perception? A Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Virtual Residency Interviews
Sheri Wang, MD; Zachary Denham, MD; Elizabeth A. Ungerman, MD, MS; et al.

The Costliness of US Residency Applications: Moving Toward Preference Signaling and Caps
Joshua Allen Cole, MD; Avital Brena Ludomirsky, MD, MPP

Leadership Skills Training Programs for Chief Residents

Learn More and Register Today

This workshop is designed to provide a transitional experience into the role of chief resident. Small-group sessions and exercises offer incoming chief residents the tools, skills, and a learning environment designed to increase their understanding of their personal leadership styles, strengths, and weaknesses as leaders, developing knowledge and appreciation of group and interpersonal behavior and learning additional skills critical to success and satisfaction as both a clinician and leader.

All eight programs, held in Chicago and Philadelphia, are open to chief residents from all medical and surgical specialties.

Email questions about the course to Ann Riley. Email registration questions to registration@acgme.org.

Career Opportunities

The ACGME is always interested in finding talented, dedicated individuals to join the organization and support its mission to improve health care and population health by assessing and enhancing the quality of resident and fellow physicians' education through advancements in accreditation and education.

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