Education Site Verification

Verification of Medical Student Education Sites (Training Sites)

The mission of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is to accredit graduate medical education (GME) programs. On its website, the ACGME provides to the public the accreditation status of its accredited GME programs, as well as the names of some of the larger clinical sites of accredited programs. It does not provide to the public information about the educational content of any particular site used by accredited GME programs or individuals. The ACGME maintains some information about the clinical sites used by accredited residency and fellowship programs for purposes of current GME accreditation only. ACGME program data collection is not intended to be a permanent repository for past resident rotations or rotation sites. The ACGME is unable to verify an individual medical student’s specific learning experience at any given medical school clerkship site.

In regard to specific questions about medical licensure, according to information from the Federation of State Medical Boards, most state medical board criteria for licensure do not include specific requirements on clinical clerkships conducted as part of undergraduate medical education. Those state medical board criteria that do address clerkships generally require that clerkships be conducted in a hospital setting/facility that has ACGME-accredited GME residency or fellowship programs in place. The ACGME strongly suggests that medical students visit the state medical licensing board website of any state where they ultimately intend to seek licensure to learn the licensing requirements of that state.

Note: The ACGME does not accredit medical schools. Any requests related to medical school education are best handled by the medical school that the student attended and questions about licensure should be directed to the state licensing board.

Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19
Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19

The unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic are testing the GME community’s individual and collective resilience in the face of crisis. The ACGME created and curated this suite of resources that promote well-being, mitigate stress, and prevent burnout during this pandemic.