ACGME Global Services is a department of the ACGME created to advance the ACGME Mission by working with global entities to enhance the quality of resident and fellow physicians’ education. The Global Services staff works to support improvements in health care and population health beyond US borders through collaboration, education, information exchange, and advisory services.

Advancing Post-Graduate Medical Education

The importance of post-graduate medical education (PGME) cannot be understated in the delivery of health services, and the ACGME believes accreditation is an effective tool for advancing the quality of PGME programs.

The impact of PGME in preparing physicians to serve the public is well documented. It is with this education, training, and experience that physicians form their individual identity as a specialist, learning not only the “how” of their chosen specialty (the knowledge and skills of their chosen discipline), but also the “who” they must be to manage the stress and expectations they will encounter in a life of service to their patients.

Learn more about the ACGME’s thoughts on global PGME through The ACGME and Global Health series on the ACGME Blog.


Global Services offers various educational programs, trainings, and workshops tailored to the needs of PGME programs outside of the US. For example:

  • Numerous assets curated from the ACGME’s vast distance learning resources, from faculty development to the Milestones, are available through the dedicated Global Services section in the ACGME’s online learning portal, Learn at ACGME: Learn with ACGME Global Services.
  • Global-focused articles published by the Journal of Graduate Medical Education are also promoted by Global Services.

Advisory Services

Through its experience with the more than 12,000 programs the ACGME accredits in the US, ACGME Global Services has deep knowledge and insights to assist organizations on PGME at all development levels. As part of the ACGME, Global Services offers experience and support in developing and implementing locally relevant standards, Milestones, clinician well-being initiatives, and accreditation based on recognized global principles, such as:

  • Improving the quality of PGME programs
  • Developing accreditation services in areas where accreditation does not currently exist
  • Enhancing the efficacy and impact of existing accreditation systems

Global Services does not provide accreditation. ACGME International, a separate corporate entity from the ACGME and Global Services, accredits Sponsoring Institutions and residency/fellowship programs outside the US.


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