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The ACGME is proud to continue supporting residents’ and fellows’ efforts to increase connection with their patients through the Back to Bedside initiative. The ACGME thanks this cycle's applicants. Funding recipients will be announced in June.

Back to Bedside is designed to empower residents and fellows to develop transformative projects that foster meaning and joy in work and allow them to engage on a deeper level with what is at the heart of medicine: their patients. Supported by the ACGME, Back to Bedside provides a competitive funding opportunity for resident- and/or fellow-led teams to innovate. The initiative is also intended to create a learning collaborative of resident-/fellow-led research teams.

The third cycle of Back to Bedside presented two options for applicants to consider: single-program projects for resident/fellow leaders and a new multi-program arm that offers a junior faculty member the opportunity to serve as Project Leader while empowering resident/fellow leaders across different settings.

Since the inception of the Back to Bedside initiative, the ACGME has funded more than 60 projects, engaging more than 150 residents and fellows in innovative projects to enhance their clinical experience and engage more fully with their patients and colleagues.

Watch a video about how previous Back to Bedside participants have collaborated and learned from each other.

Back to Bedside Projects
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