Who to Contact

The ACGME has two different offices that address reports of education and training-related issues or allegations of non-compliance with ACGME requirements: the Office of the Ombudsperson and the Office of Complaints.

Review FAQs about reporting an issue

  • A problem-solving mechanism
  • An opportunity to anonymously report education and training-related issues without affecting accreditation or recognition status
  • Allegations and response(s) do not go to the Review Committee
  • May prompt internal inquiry and review
  • Staff members listen and educate about available resources to assist in the resolution of education and training-related concerns
  • A confidential reporting mechanism
  • Must allege lack of compliance with ACGME requirements
  • Allegations and response(s) will be reviewed by the Review Committee
  • May prompt an ACGME site visit
  • May impact accreditation or recognition status