Introducing the New

May 16, 2023

The ACGME is excited and proud to introduce a redesign of the ACGME website. The updated site features an improved overall design, an enhanced user experience, a better interface, and a modern look and feel. While most of the content has not changed, the navigation and placement of some of the content has. This update and orientation are intended to help users understand what went into and informed this redesign, and how to move around it and find what you’re looking for.

Working with both internal and external partners, the project began with an evaluation of key data, including heat maps and real-time recordings of user experience. This helped the project team understand how people were using the website, and what elements, sections, and pages were either hard to find or not regularly accessed.

As an outcome of this effort, the website’s architecture was restructured to surface sought-after and key content and make it easier to find. A new look and feel that is clean, modern, and dynamic accompanies this reorganization, including more photos and graphics to complement content. A few key navigational areas are highlighted below to help users acclimate to the new design.

Utility Navigation

Across the top of the website is a black bar referred to as the “utility nav.” From here. you can quickly and easily navigate to information about the organization, including:

  • About: Board of Directors and Councils of the Board, general ACGME FAQs, publications, policies, and more.

  • Newsroom and ACGME Blog.

  • For the first time, archives of the weekly e-Communication are now housed on their own page for easy reference.

  • Our Sites: found at the end of the utility nav, click here for information about and links to ACGME International, Learn at ACGME, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, and the Accreditation Data System’s public site.


In conjunction with the redesign project, the ACGME conducted a concentrated companion project to improve search functionality on the website. Search optimization will continue following this launch, but users will already see improvements, including:

  • The number of results that come up has been reduced to enhance relevancy and provide better content filtering.
  • New functionality implemented for keyword searching (for example, whether one enters “Contact” or “Contact Us” in the search bar, the first result will be the Contact Us page), and additional keywords have been tagged to improve user experience based on the most commonly searched terms.
  • Only five pages of results will load upon search; users can still choose to view “More” if needed.
Main Navigation
  • Under Programs and Institutions, you will find information about accreditation and recognition, including for applications, site visits, and review and comment, all organized for easy access by programs and institutions.
  • Under Specialties, select a specialty to navigate to that section of the website, as you did in the previous design. Each specialty’s page includes documents, resources, Review Committee information, and committee staff contact details for that specialty and its associated subspecialties. Click the red “Overview” button in the megamenu that opens for more information.
  • Under Residents and Fellows, you can access information about the Council of Review Committee Residents, the Back to Bedside initiative, how to report concerns to the ACGME, support resources for resident and fellow well-being, and more. Click the red “Overview” button in the megamenu that opens for more information.
  • Under Milestones, you can choose to review Milestones by specialty or subspecialty, access Milestones resources and national reports, and find opportunities to engage with the ACGME on Milestones development and review. Click the red “Overview” button in the megamenu that opens for more information.
  • Under Improvement and Initiatives, learn about the various activities and initiatives that demonstrate the ACGME’s commitment to continuous improvement of graduate medical education in support of its Mission.
  • Under Education and Resources, you can access and review information about educational offerings, such as the ACGME Annual Educational Conference, courses, workshops, and national meetings, as well as other resources.

As you navigate the site, we welcome feedback and questions by email to The launch of a new website is an exciting milestone, but we will continue to work to improve and enhance the site every day, and value your input and collaboration.

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