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ACGME Global Services was created to support the ACGME’s mission of improving health care and population health by assessing and enhancing the quality of resident and fellow physicians’ education through advancements in accreditation and education.

The importance of postgraduate medical education (PGME) in preparing physicians to serve the public is well documented. It is with this training and experience that physicians form their individual identity as a specialist, learning not only the “how” of the specialty (the knowledge and skills of their chosen discipline), but also the “who” they must become in order to manage the stress and expectations they will encounter in a life of service to their patients. Through Global Services, the ACGME offers its expertise and resources to PGME accrediting organizations and programs beyond the borders of the United States that wish to align themselves with international best practices.

Promoting PGME Accreditation

The ACGME believes accreditation is the most effective tool for advancing the quality of PGME programs. It advocates for this through engagement with like-minded organizations, such as the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME), and participation in international conferences and forums.

Advancing the Quality of PGME Accreditation

Effective PGME accreditation must be based on systems for establishing standards and evaluating performance against these standards aligned with international best practices. The ACGME is working to establish methods for recognizing national and regional accreditation systems that are so aligned.

Global Services is also building learning communities of PGME accreditation organizations that seek to exchange ideas and information.

Advisory and Operational Support

ACGME Global Services assists national and regional accrediting organizations that wish to better align themselves with international best practices. Its services include:

  • Developing PGME standards that consider the context of local cultures and are consistent with international best practices
  • Developing systems to evaluate and accredit PGME programs and their Sponsoring Institutions, consistent with international best practices
  • Providing infrastructure support to national and regional PGME accreditation organizations
  • Conducting gap analyses of accreditation organizations, Sponsoring Institutions, and PGME programs
  • Providing training programs for standards developers, program evaluators and accreditors, site visitors, and PGME faculty members

ACGME Global Services also assists institutions interested in creating new or enhancing existing PGME programs aligned with international best practices.

Education and Training

ACGME Global Services offers a variety of educational programs, trainings, and workshops tailored to the needs of PGME programs outside of the United States and the organizations that accredit them. Studies developed from the ACGME’s experience and initiatives in the United States are available on the ACGME website, and in issues of the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, which the ACGME publishes.

Contact Us:

John Ogunkeye
Executive Vice President, ACGME Global Services