(Last Modified: February 10, 2015)

The ACGME is aware that sponsoring institutions and programs may want to use data-collection software to use the data they have provided to the ACGME through the ACGME data systems for other purposes related to graduate medical education administration. There are many vendors and products available for sponsoring institutions and programs to use in aid of graduate medical education program administration. It is up to an individual institution or program to determine whether a vendor or software meets its specific needs and will assist it in complying with the ACGME Institutional and Program Requirements.

Although the ACGME recognizes the potential value of such software to sponsoring institutions and programs, it is important that all sponsoring institutions and programs understand that (a) the ACGME strictly prohibits vendor access to its systems and (b) the ACGME does not endorse, approve, or recommend any specific data collection product from any specific vendor. To the extent any vendor states that it is endorsed by the ACGME or that its product will allow compliance with or meets ACGME standards, such statement is false.

The ACGME only collects data through its secure data collection systems.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact ads@acgme.org or call 312.755.5000.