The following fee schedule is effective for 2023:

Application Fee
The fee for processing applications for programs seeking Initial Accreditation and for programs seeking re-accreditation following any Withdrawal status is $7,200. This fee is invoiced at the time the application is received.

All ACGME invoices are sent to the attention of the Sponsoring Institution’s designated nstitutional official (DIO) as indicated in the Accreditation Data System.

Program Fee
All accredited programs are assessed an annual accreditation fee on a per-program basis; this is not proratable. This annual fee is $5,000 for programs with five or fewer residents, and $6,050 for programs with more than five residents. This annual fee is billed January 1 of each year.

Sponsoring Institution Fee
All accredited Sponsoring Institutions are assessed an annual accreditation fee of 2.5% of total program fees. This annual fee is billed January 1 of each year.

Appeal Fee
The fee for an appeal of an accreditation or recognition decision is $10,000. There is an additional cost for the expenses of the Appeals Panel members and associated administrative costs. This additional expense is shared equally by the appellant and the ACGME.

Canceled Site Visit Fee
The fee for cancellation of a previously scheduled site visit is $3,200, which may be waived at the discretion of the Senior Vice President, Field Activities.