A program’s ability to effectively prepare for the annual cycle of collecting and submitting data to the ACGME is critical to its successful Continued Accreditation. The ACGME’s Department of Accreditation Services partnered with the Office of Distance Learning to develop a series of instructional videos for program directors, program coordinators, designated institutional officials , and institutional graduate medical education (GME) staff members on strategies for managing the information programs submit during the ADS Annual Update.

These videos are designed to help programs in the preparation and submission of that data, as well as to share best practices for responding to citations and other tasks required as part of the Annual Update. Each video is accompanied by a handout detailing examples of effective and ineffective submissions.


Responding to Citations Video

Total Viewing Time: 8 minutes

Entering Scholarly Activity into ADS Video

Total Viewing Time: 14 minutes

Creating an Effective Block Schedule Video

Total Viewing Time: 9 minutes