Transforming Graduate Medical Education for an Inclusive Future

Become part of a transformative program that reshapes the landscape of graduate medical education (GME). The ACGME Equity Matters program supports the GME community in developing innovative resources that increase workforce diversity, encourage adoption of equity practices, and foster inclusive learning environments.

Educational Content

Self-directed ACGME Equity Matters content modules are available in the ACGME’s online learning portal, Learn at ACGME. These educational resources provide diverse perspectives while raising historical and current injustices in the medical education system in an organized and intentional way. The materials are designed for organizations with leadership support, resources, and infrastructure commitments to equity for making meaningful change.

(Note: A free account is required to access this content in Learn at ACGME.)

Access ACGME Equity Matters Content in Learn at ACGME

Learning Community

Through this immersive 18-month facilitated program, organizational teams will work with industry experts and faculty facilitators to develop and implement projects that address workforce diversity and build inclusive learning environments.

Program Model Why Join the Learning Community?
Program Model


Master core knowledge and skills to effect change in GME and become connected to a community focused on the integration of equity practices


Actively engage with peers in a continuous quality improvement process to effect positive change in GME equity practices


Shift culture in GME so that equity practices are integrated into leadership, workforce, workplace, and patient care policies and practices

Why Join the Learning Community?

ACGME Equity Matters drives positive change within GME by increasing workforce diversity and building safe and inclusive learning environments, while promoting health equity practices that can lead to improved patient care outcomes. Learning Community participants explore concepts such as disparities in maternal health care; underrepresentation of Asian American doctors in leadership positions; how to stratify, evaluate, and act on data for the recruitment and retention of underrepresented in medicine (UIM) groups; and managing the many stressors present in today’s learning environments.

Structure and Approach:

  • Virtual program with sessions consisting of asynchronous learning, didactic programming, dedicated project work time, one-on-one team check-ins, engagement at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference, and an in-person capstone summit
  • Exploration of vital topics
  • Continuous quality improvement to integrate equity principles into leadership, workforce, workplace, and patient care

Organizations that are selected to participate will be asked to pay a one-time $5,000 participation cost that covers facilitators who will support participants to create lasting institutional interventions and assess effectiveness alongside peers.

Participation Includes:

  • Access to educational materials; continuing medical education and maintenance of certification credits
  • Opportunities to join the ACGME Equity Matters Learning Community Alumni Group and participate in special events and activities after the 18-month program concludes.