Enhance the Success and Development of Struggling Learners with the ACGME Remediation Toolkit

19 September 2023

Recognizing the need for a structured approach to remediation, the ACGME has introduced the Remediation Toolkit, a dynamic resource to help with assessing and remediating struggling learners, underlying clinical performance issues, and successful remediation programs. The course, authored by experts from across the United States, includes 11 modules addressing programmatic approaches to handling misconduct, strategies for ongoing coaching, and more. It also provides guidance on remediating professionalism, communication, clinical reasoning, and organization and efficiency.  

Remediation can be a daunting task for educators, often requiring a tailored approach to individual needs. The ACGME Remediation Toolkit addresses this challenge with comprehensive resources and strategies to support professionals in graduate medical education seeking to enhance their understanding of remediation and develop skills to support the success of residents and fellows. It is a dynamic resource designed to guide faculty members through the remediation process, using a structured approach that is both evidence-based and adaptable to the unique needs of individual learners. 

The ACGME Remediation Toolkit is part of a suite of materials the ACGME offers to aid in faculty development. Other resources include the Improving Assessment Using Direct Observation Toolkit and the Developing Faculty Competencies in Assessment Course. Together, they equip educators with tools and knowledge to enhance the quality of medical education and training. 

Key Components of the Toolkit 

The toolkit is divided into two main sections, A Systematic Approach and Case-Based Coaching. The sections help users progress from identifying and analyzing the underlying issues that contribute to struggling learners to implementing a successful remediation program.  

In addition to these core components, the ACGME Remediation Toolkit also provides a wealth of additional resources, including case studies, templates, and other tools to support educators in their remediation efforts. CME credit is available with completion of the course. 

By providing a structured and evidence-based approach to remediation, the ACGME Remediation Toolkit empowers educators to address underperformance effectively. As part of a collection of faculty development resources offered, the ACGME is taking a comprehensive approach to improving the quality of medical education. The new toolkit joins an extensive library of resources offered through the ACGME’s online learning portal, Learn at ACGME.