Dr. Eric Holmboe, ACGME Senior Vice President, Milestone Development and Evaluation Receives Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College

Dr. Holmboe has been named a 2018 Honorary Fellow by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Royal College). He has worked on projects with the Royal College for over a decade.

June 2018

NEJM Resident360 Discussion Focuses on Physician Wellness

Dink Jardine, MD, chair of the ACGME's Back to Bedside Advisory Work Group, recently participated in a discussion on NEJM Resident360 about physician well-being and wellness focusing on the resident and fellow experience.

May 2018

NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-being Holds Public Meeting

The ACGME participated in the third meeting of the National Academy of Medicine's (NAM) Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, which gave the public an opportunity to engage with experts on diversity, inclusion, and loneliness.

May 2018

ACGME President and CEO featured in “Addressing Clinician Well-Being” Video

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has released a video featuring ACGME President and CEO Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP, AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, and National Academy of Medicine President Victor J. Dzau, MD.

April 2018

ACGME Launches New Tools and Resources Web Page Dedicated to Physician Well-Being

These resources were compiled to support local efforts to improve resident, fellow, and faculty member well-being and help physicians in distress as part of the ACGME's commitment to promoting physican well-being.

March 2018

ACGME Response to Initial iCOMPARE Study Findings

The ACGME looks forward to reviewing initial findings and studying the complete results. The organization is committed to supporting all Sponsoring Institutions and programs in meeting our requirements and prioritizing well-being.

March 2018

ACGME Recognizes Graduate Medical Education Community with Annual Awards, including John C. Gienapp Distinguished Service Award

Twenty-five individuals and two institutions were honored at the 2018 Annual Educational Conference. Timothy C. Flynn, MD, FACS, received the John C. Gienapp Distinguished Service Award. This is the first time in six years the award has been given.

March 2018

New Tools and Resources to Support Resident and Faculty Member Well-Being Now Available

These resources are designed to support and promote wellness in the clinical learning environment. They support the elements of Section VI of the Common Program Requirements, which emphasize psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.

February 2018

New ACGME Video Spotlights the Importance of Innovation in Health Care

The ACGME has created informational videos as part of a national commercial spot for CNN Headline News. The videos spotlight the organization's focus on improving resident education and confronting the changing health care landscape.

January 2018

JGME Publishes Article Highlighting New ACGME Work Hour Standards

The Journal for Graduate Medical Education (JGME) published a new article around the examination and 2017 revisions of the Common Program Requirements.

November 2017