Media Coverage

National Academy of Medicine Goes Public with Efforts to Combat Burnout

U.S. News and World Report writes about the National Academy of Medicine's open meeting gathering ideas how to combat burnout among health workers.

July 2017

Surgical Residents’ Work Hours and Well-Being in Year 2 of the FIRST Trial 

This article reports on the second year of the FIRST Trial that compares effects of standard clinical work and education hours or more flexible work hour policies on residents.

July 2017

Dr. Rowen Zetterman Featured on CBS Morning Show about Common Program Requirement Revisions

ACGME Board Chair Dr. Rowen Zetterman discussed the Common Program Requirement revisions on CBS This Morning.

June 2017

Doctor Depression, Suicide Slowly Coming out of Shadows 

This Chicago Tribune feature highlights the problem of physician burnout and suicide and discusses what the medical community is doing to address it.

June 2017

ACGME Competitive Funding Opportunity for Medical Residents

Medical Training Magazine writes about the ACGME's new Back to Bedside initiative and grant opportunity for residents and fellows.

May 2017

Medical Student's Death Highlights High Rates of Physician Suicides

This ABC News story explores the physician suicide rate and what is being done to promote physician well-being in the medical community.

April 2017

Should Young Doctors be Allowed to Work 24-Hour Shifts?

This Healthline article discusses the Common Program Requirements and changes made to the requirements around clinical work and education hours.

March 2017

New Rule Would Allow First-Year Residents to Work 24-Hour Shifts

This Good Morning America segment is about the recent revisions made to the ACGME's Common Program Requirements.

March 2017

New Guideline Will Allow First-Year Doctors to Work 24-Hour Shifts

The New York Times writes about the recent revisions made to the ACGME's Common Program Requirements.

March 2017

Medical Residents Can Work 24 Hours Straight, Accreditor Says 

Forbes magazine wrote about the recent changes to the ACGME Common Program Requirements.

March 2017