January 19, 2021

#ACGME2021: What to Expect from your Experience

With the unprecedented challenges we have all faced during the past few months, coming together as graduate medical education (GME) professionals to network, learn, and grow as individuals and as a community of professionals is more important than ever.

As with so many other events, the 2021 ACGME Annual Educational Conference will be virtual this year. But its value as a networking and learning opportunity remains exceptional. The ACGME has developed a unique, engaging, and interactive virtual conference designed to provide an essential opportunity for you to re-establish the bonds that are so critical to your work and well-being.

With opportunities for text chat, video, and other communications features, there are numerous ways to engage with speakers and attendees and to participate in the informative activities that an ACGME conference always includes. There will be opportunities to meet, collaborate, and network with your peers through organized chat rooms, breakout sessions, and engaging events. You will stroll virtually through our interactive Exhibit Hall that will include live chats, appointments, and even the traditional opportunities for fun giveaways for participants. Virtual poster sessions will allow you to see the latest in GME research and discuss posters directly with the authors. You will consult live with ACGME staff members and renowned experts.

To make the most efficient use of your time, the conference will deliver session and workshop content in three formats:

  • Live sessions will be highly interactive workshops. Availability for these sessions will be first come, first served, with a cap of 150 participants. Speakers will present in real time, and Q&A sessions will be available.
  • Semi-live sessions will be didactic in nature. As you view presentations, you will be able to interact with presenters via text Q&A. The presentations will also be offered as on-demand viewing after the session during the conference period, or for three months after the event.
  • On-demand sessions will be open for viewing beginning with the start of the conference. You will have access to this content during the conference or for three months after the event.

This year’s conference content promises to be as robust and engaging, and as important as ever. Selected from submissions from the GME community across the world, content will cover topics such as ACGME accreditation and initiatives; well-being; innovations in the clinical learning environment; diversity, equity, and inclusion; faculty and professional development; COVID-19; crisis management; specialty-specific accreditation and recognition; and many others.

With no travel costs, limited time away from the office, and lower conference fees, the virtual conference is accessible to more GME professionals than ever. Details about sessions, plenary speakers, prices, and more can be found on the 2021 ACGME Annual Educational Conference web pages.

We look forward to seeing you there!