#ACGME2023: Bringing Back the Mentor/Mentee Program

14 February 2023

As the 2023 ACGME Annual Educational Conference gets closer, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a relatively new opportunity for attendees – the Mentor/Mentee Program. After two years in an all-virtual setting, the ACGME was excited that coming back in person also affords the chance to bring this program back. This program provides a unique networking opportunity in an effort to help attendees capitalize on one of the great features afforded by this conference – establishing and building connections with others in graduate medical education (GME) from all over the world.

The ACGME introduced the program at the 2020 conference. While the momentum to grow it was stopped, like so much in the world, by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to have the opportunity to re-introduce it this year and build from here. According to one participant from 2020, “It was good to make contacts with others - people to ask about best practices or maybe offer help. Met some great people and hopefully a new mentor as well!”

How Does it Work?

The Mentor/Mentee Program is open to everyone—residents and fellows, faculty members, designated institutional officials, coordinators, program directors, ACGME staff members—everyone! If you’d like to participate, just make sure you pick up a “Happy to Be Your Mentor!” or “Will You Be My Mentor?” ribbon at registration, add it to your badge, and you’re in!

Beyond the badge ribbons to indicate participation, attendees interested in making connections will take any next steps on their own. At charging devices set up in the Presidential Foyer, attendees can network with other attendees, find a mentor/mentee, and use the tables with conversation prompts to help grow those connections.

Once you’ve found a mentor or mentee and connected, you can take that relationship in whatever direction makes sense to you both from there. Grab a coffee and chat, attend a session together – you can keep the relationship for the duration of the conference, or extend it beyond and exchange contact information to keep it going. It’s up to you!

We also encourage you to spread the word! Made a new connection? Share on social media and be sure to use the #ACGME2023 hashtag – let others at the conference see the value of this new connection and consider participating. And be sure to post a photo of yourselves and share your experience in the Mentor/Mentee Program Networking Discussion Room in the Conference Mobile App, too! 

The Mentor/Mentee Program is intended to enhance your experience at the Annual Educational Conference. Our hope is that those who participate will take advantage and expand their professional network. With more than 4,000 GME professionals from all over the world in attendance, this unique and valuable setting can really enrich both your time at the conference and your individual professional experience beyond it. For many attendees who come to the conference with others from their program or institution, this program will also facilitate your ability to bridge those meaningful relationships outside of your comfort zone and within your field.

We are excited to see your new connections at the conference!


Remember, while online registration has now closed, on-site registration will be available in Nashville if you’re still looking to attend and take advantage of the array of programming and network opportunities available! Learn more on the conference website.