Achieving Excellence with a Redesign of Learn at ACGME

July 2, 2024

A redesign of Learn at ACGME, the ACGME's online learning portal, was rolled out last month, with improvements that reflect user feedback that were incorporated to make the ACGME’s distance learning platform easier to navigate and more beneficial for the graduate medical education (GME) community.

Originally launched in 2019, Learn at ACGME is the ACGME’s online learning management system and community, designed to provide members of the GME community and others with access to the full range of the organization’s educational resources. Over time, the ACGME’s Distance Education staff members have built out the platform, adding courses, learning paths, webinars, recordings, discussion boards, and more to support the community’s learning, access to information, and connection.

In the summer of 2022, the team began conceiving a redesign plan based on the results of a usability survey that had been posted on the platform to gather data and inform improvements, as well as comments from other ACGME staff members, and the team members’ own experiences with the platform and its content.

Once the team knew what they were looking to accomplish with the update, they engaged with their learning management system, Thought Industries, a leader in the learning technology industry, to create the code to redesign the platform. They also formed an internal Redesign Advisory Group, with representation from across the organization, to collaborate on ideas and provide valuable feedback as the design plan was developed and tested.

The redesigned Learn at ACGME is now live, with improved features that include:

  • streamlined navigation and a clear navigation menu on every page
  • a more user-friendly dashboard for tracking started and completed courses
  • easier ways to share content
  • the ability to identify relevant content by role in GME

A free account is still required to access most of the content in the Learn platform, but existing users kept their pre-established username and password for login, and experienced a fairly seamless transition to the upgrade.

What’s Next
The updated interface and navigation are not the conclusion of the updates. The Distance Learning team continues to work on improvements that will be implemented over the next several months. Before the end of 2024, users can expect to see additional features and developments, including making the platform fully compatible with accessibility requirements.

Check out the updated Learn at ACGME!