Focused Connections: #ACGME2022 Pre-Conferences

A presentation from the 2020 Coordinator Forum Pre-Conference

The 2022 ACGME Annual Educational Conference will be a fully virtual experience for the second year in a row, including pre-conferences. While the conference will offer content in live, semi-live, and on-demand formats, the pre-conferences are almost entirely live, which presents a unique and exciting opportunity to connect and learn. Pre-conferences enable participants to explore specific interests and deepen their understanding of their own specific roles in graduate medical education (GME). New program directors, those interested in osteopathic medicine and education, designated institutional officials (DIOs), residents and fellows, and program and institutional coordinators can dive into sessions with colleagues facing similar issues and share indispensable tips and strategies. 

Here is a rundown of the five pre-conferences available in March. 
ACGME/AOGME Osteopathic Recognition Pre-Conference
The ACGME is pleased to once again partner with the Assembly of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Educators (AOGME) to deliver this pre-conference for programs that have achieved, plan to apply for, or would like to learn more about ACGME Osteopathic Recognition. Participants will hear directly from Directors of Osteopathic Education, osteopathic faculty members, and designated osteopathic residents in programs with ACGME Osteopathic Recognition. Topics include an AOGME update, implementing osteopathic manipulative treatment and Osteopathic Principles and Practices in residency programs, innovations in GME, introducing the American Osteopathic Association’s new training distinction, the Osteopathic Recognition Milestones, and more. 
Coordinator Forum: Empowered and Thriving
The 12th annual Coordinator Forum Pre-Conference will feature a half-day-long series of sessions designed for new and experienced institutional and program coordinators to learn and network with peers and colleagues. This year, the agenda includes seven 30-minute sessions selected from submissions from the coordinator community on topics related to professional development and best practices. Selected sessions tie into this year’s Forum theme of “Empowered and Thriving,” which emerged from community submissions addressing overcoming difficulties in these years of transition and coming together to be stronger than ever.
Getting Back to the Bedside: Enhancing Meaningful Physician-Patient Connection in GME
Offered for the first time this year, this pre-conference is for residents and fellows. C
ontent was designed to guide participants in discovering where and how they can find meaningful patient connections in their programs; developing a plan to enhance those connections with patients—for themselves and for other residents/fellows; and fortifying the skills needed to sustainably implement their plan in their program and institution. Through this process, participants will connect and collaborate with like-minded colleagues from around the country while learning from the experiences from the ACGME’s Back to Bedside initiative, which helps residents and fellows build transformative projects that foster meaning and joy in work, allowing them to engage on a deeper level with what is at the heart of medicine: their patients. 

Introductory Course for New Program Directors

Program directors new to the ACGME accreditation process will benefit from this annual pre-conference, which covers information about the ACGME, the Review/Recognition Committees, ACGME data collection systems, and an overview of the accreditation review process. Sessions will feature informative didactic presentations and real-time responses to participant questions. 
The Basics of Institutional Accreditation for DIOs
This live pre-conference, which will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the DIO as they relate to overseeing ACGME-accredited programs and ensuring compliance with ACGME requirements, will be invaluable to new DIOs. Sessions will cover the basics of accreditation, an overview of institutional accreditation, Milestones and assessment, Special and Annual Institutional Reviews, the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program, and more.
Bringing together thousands of GME professionals from across the world, the 2022 ACGME Annual Educational Conference will provide a broad range of perspectives and educational opportunities. The ACGME has created learning and networking opportunities for different areas of interest within GME, and the pre-conferences offer the chance to learn live from colleagues whose roles and responsibilities align. 

Learn more about the conference schedule, including access to detailed agendas for each pre-conference, and after you’ve read all about it, register for the 2022 Annual Educational Conference today! 

We look forward to seeing you in March!