An Interview with Dr. Laura Edgar, Moderator of the Clinician Educator Journal Club

February 21, 2024
ACGME Senior Vice President, Competencies, Milestones, and Faculty Development Laura Edgar, EdD, CAE will moderate the inaugural meeting of the ACGME's new online Clinician Educator Journal Club.

The inaugural meeting of the ACGME’s new online Clinician Educator Journal Club will be held March 21, 2024, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Central. We sat down with one of the driving forces behind this innovative initiative, Laura Edgar, EdD, CAE, the ACGME’s senior vice president, Competencies, Milestones, and Faculty Development.

Serving as the moderator of the inaugural session, which will focus on the creation of the Clinician Educator Milestones, Dr. Edgar brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Clinician Educator Journal Club. Her role at the ACGME positions her at the forefront of graduate medical education (GME) advancements. We asked Dr. Edgar about her vision for the Journal Club and the impact she hopes it will have on the graduate medical educator community.

First, Dr. Edgar, what is the Clinician Educator Journal Club?

Dr. Edgar: The Clinician Educator Journal Club is a new monthly online gathering of educators and top authors of journal articles. It is designed to be a dynamic space where graduate medical educators, authors, and ACGME staff members convene to discuss the latest articles and research in clinical education. It’s more than just a meeting; it’s an opportunity to foster collaboration, share insights, and collectively enhance our understanding of critical topics in the field.

ACGME: So the idea is to provide opportunities for direct engagement with leading authors?

Dr. Edgar: Exactly. One of the unique features of the Journal Club is the opportunity for participants to hear directly from leading authors on critical topics in medical education. We think these discussions will bring out nuances in the articles, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the content. It’s a chance for educators to connect with the minds behind the research, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

ACGME: How will participating help Clinician Educators?

Dr. Edgar: The Journal Club is not only a forum for discussion but also a catalyst for professional growth. We want educators to leave each session with a renewed sense of purpose and a toolbox of strategies to become better educators. Staying up to date on the latest theory and research is crucial in ensuring that we are providing the best possible education to our learners.

ACGME: Who should attend the meetings?

Dr. Edgar: This Journal Club is intentionally crafted to be valuable for both seasoned educators and those new to GME. The diversity of perspectives from new and seasoned participants will add richness to the discussions. Whether you’re a veteran in the field or just starting, your input is valuable, and the Journal Club is designed to be inclusive of all experiences.

Individuals will likely be the mainstay of the audience, but I’d like to extend a special invitation to faculty groups—the Journal Club will be a unique opportunity for a team to come together and discuss important content with the authors themselves. It’s a chance for collective learning and collaboration that can have a profound impact on your institution’s educational quality.

Join the Conversation
The first meeting, featuring distinguished guests Dr. John Mahan and Dr. Amy Miller Juve, is scheduled for March 21, 2024. Join us from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central. For those unable to attend live, recordings will be available in Learn at ACGME after the event.

To ensure widespread access to this invaluable resource, the Clinician Educator Journal Club is offered at no cost. However, registration is required.

For more information about the Journal Club and to register for the March session, visit the registration page.