Journal Notes: A New JGME Series—A Guide to Literature Reviews for Readers and Writers

Beginning with the April 2022 issue, the editors of JGME have launched a series of articles, scheduled to publish over the next year and a half, to explore different types of literature reviews.

May 2022

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Sarah Meadows, EdD, FACEHP

Sarah Meadows, EdD, FACEHP and Abraham Nussbaum, MD, MTS studied the effects of financial debt on resident burnout. and presented their work in the Poster Hall at the 2022 ACGME Annual Educational Conference, which was held virtually March 30-April 1, 2022.

April 2022

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Gregory Guldner, MD, MS

Recognizing the high rates of psychological distress of various forms for residents in training, Dr. Gregory Guldner and colleagues sought to learn whether an opt out approach would increase the number of residents who actually engaged with available therapy options.

April 2022

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Natasha Bray, DO, MSEd

Dr. Natasha Bray and colleagues explored how completing a residency in underserved areas affects independent practice location choice in a continuation and expansion of a previous study.

April 2022

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Saadia Akhtar, MD

For more than two years, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed how every person on the globe works, plays, and interacts with each other. As what many hoped would be a few weeks of fear and uncertainty stretched into months and months, no one felt this stress more than health care professionals on the frontlines.

April 2022

Session Summary: JGME Shows How to Turn Your Evaluation Work into Scholarly Activity

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME)’s session at the 2022 ACGME Annual Educational Conference, Turning Your Educational Evaluation Work into Scholarly Activity,” discussed turning evaluation work into scholarly activity.

April 2022

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Colleen J. Kalynych, MSH, EdD

Reflecting on some of the challenges of delivering faculty development trainings to already busy and time-constricted faculty members, Colleen Kalynych, EdD and colleagues from the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville developed a knowledge- and skills-based, time-sensitive, and practical program disseminated via email.

April 2022

Journal Notes: A Call for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Submissions Inspires a Growing Collection of Work at JGME

Since fall 2020, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) has posted an ongoing call for manuscript submissions on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, and the response has already generated the beginnings of a collection that continues to grow.

March 2022

Journal Notes: Spotlight on Rip Outs--Unique Articles for Busy Educators

The December issue of the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) continues its section of practical, how-to guides known as Rip Outs.

December 2021
JGME Deputy Editor Dr. Deb Simpson

ACGME Releases 2020-2021 Statistics on Graduate Medical Education Programs and Resident Physicians

The ACGME released its 2020-2021 Data Resource Book, the most comprehensive and reliable resource of its kind, including data on the size, scope, and distribution of graduate medical education in the US.

October 2021