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Recipients from the first round of Back to Bedside funding participated in a workshop during the Annual Educational Conference in March. Another session is planned for the recently announced second round of funding recipients.
June 6, 2019

ACGME Announces Second Cycle of Funding Recipients for Resident-Led Back to Bedside Initiative

Thirty-three projects designed to help residents and fellows find deeper connections with patients and improve physician and patient well-being have been chosen in the second cycle of funding for Back to Bedside.

Dr. Vachon presents the May 22, 2019 Baldwin Seminar Series presentation
May 28, 2019

The Science of Compassion

Training physicians in the science of compassion not only makes for more caring physicians, it improves their abilities as clinicians and may help prevent burnout, said Dominic O. Vachon, MDiv, PhD during his Baldwin Seminar Series presentation at the ACGME offices May 22, 2019.

April 29, 2019

Thank You, ACGME Volunteers!

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we want to pause to recognize the hundreds of people who help make it possible for the organization to fulfill its mission to improve health care and population health by assessing and advancing the quality of resident and fellow physicians' education.
Sara Rosenbaum, MD
April 26, 2019

The Meaning of a Name in Forging the Physician-Patient Bond

A guest post from Dr. Sara Rosenbaum of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia describes how her program's Back to Bedside project has strengthened both the patient's and family's and the physician's experience, as well as their bond.
Kimberly Collins, MD
April 11, 2019

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Dr. Kimberly Collins

Associate Program Director Kimberly Collins, MD of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Florida set out to see how simulating conversations about social determinants of health (as opposed to in-class learning or immersion-based training) affected a resident’s or fellow’s ability to broach and explore these complex, often sensitive, subjects with patients and their parents. Her results are recorded in her poster: Improving Resident Comfort with Discussing Social Determinants of Health through Simulation.

Drs. Patrick Cocks and Marc Triola presenting at the 2019 ACGME Annual Educational Conference
April 8, 2019

Session Summary: Big Data Presents a Big Opportunity for GME Programs

During their presentation “Using Public Data to Follow Graduates into Practice,” at the 2019 Annual Educational Conference, Marc M. Triola, MD and Patrick M. Cocks, MD, from the NYU School of Medicine have leveraged large databases of publicly available information to help understand the patterns of health care practice and outcomes among graduates from programs once they have left the programs.

John V. Pamula, MD, FACP
April 5, 2019

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Dr. John V. Pamula

John V. Pamula, MD, FACP, led a quality improvement project focused on reducing burnout and increasing well-being among its residents. His poster, Multipronged Strategies to Improve Wellbeing and Work-Life Balance of Residents, was presented at the 2019 Annual Educational Conference, Engaging Each Other: Rediscovering Meaning in Medicine.

April 3, 2019

My Conference Experience: Q and A with Chinelo Okigbo, MD, MPH, PhD

Dr. Chinelo Okigbo is a PGY-3 Internal Medicine Chief Resident at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center in New Jersey. She attended the 2019 ACGME Annual Educational Conference as part of the Back to Bedside initiative. As a resident and first-time Annual Educational Conference attendee, we asked her to share her impressions based on her experience.

Gretchen Diemer, MD and John Madara, MD at the 2019 ACGME Annual Educational Conference
April 2, 2019

Behind the Poster: An Interview with Dr. John Madara

John Madara, MD wanted to find a way to improve incoming residents’ ability to identify and mitigate patient safety hazards, address these hazards through teamwork and collaboration, and report safety events using an online event reporting system. Dr. Madara, the chief fellow in pulmonary and critical care medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, worked with others to create an interactive, competitive “escape room” themed environment to stimulate learning and teamwork. His poster, Patient Safety Escape!: Engaging Residents in Patient Safety Education and Event Reporting, reports on the activity and its effectiveness in teaching residents about patient safety and online reporting procedures.

March 7, 2019

#ACGME2019 Day 1: Pre-Conference Round-Up

Collaboration and connection were front-and-center during the six pre-conferences today at to kick off the 2019 Annual Educational Conference. The pre-conferences, which are designed to appeal to those across experience levels from a first-year coordinator to seasoned designated institutional official (DIO), mixed detailed information about ACGME accreditation with inspirational and aspirational examples of how each member of the graduate medical education (GME) community can positively influence the experience of patients, peers, colleagues, and themselves through their work and unique contributions.

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